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Ideas of Vincent C. Punzo, by Text

[American, fl. 1969, ]

1969 Morality and Human Sexuality
p.220 p.220 Why do sexual relationships need permanence, if other relationships don't?
     Full Idea: What is the reason for demanding permanence in the relationship of sexual partners when we do not see such permanence as being importance to other human relationships?
     From: Vincent C. Punzo (Morality and Human Sexuality [1969], p.220)
     A reaction: The distinction may not be that simple. 'Loyalty' must certainly be mentioned. Friends can legitimately drift apart, but to desert a close friend at a time of great need might be as great a crime as adultery. When is loyalty particularly needed?
p.221 p.221 Does engaging in sexual intercourse really need no more thought than playing tennis?
     Full Idea: It seems strange for a man and a woman to give no more thought to the question of whether they should engage in sexual intercourse than to the question of whether they shoud play tennis.
     From: Vincent C. Punzo (Morality and Human Sexuality [1969], p.221)
     A reaction: This strikes me as a reasonable point, but times have moved on since 1969, and for plenty of people nowadays playing tennis is a bigger issue than having sex, because of the time, equipment and effort involved.