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Ideas of Paul Thagard, by Text

[Canadian, fl. 2000, Professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada.]

1989 Explanatory Coherence
1 p.4 1: Coherence is a symmetrical relation between two propositions [Smart]
2 p.4 2: An explanation must wholly cohere internally, and with the new fact [Smart]
3 p.4 3: If an analogous pair explain another analogous pair, then they all cohere [Smart]
4 p.4 4: For coherence, observation reports have a degree of intrinsic acceptability [Smart]
5 p.4 5: Contradictory propositions incohere [Smart]
6 p.4 6: A proposition's acceptability depends on its coherence with a system [Smart]
2012 Coherence: The Price is Right
p.42 p.42 Coherence problems have positive and negative restraints; solutions maximise constraint satisfaction
p.43 p.43 Coherence is explanatory, deductive, conceptual, analogical, perceptual, and deliberative
p.44 p.44 Explanatory coherence needs symmetry,explanation,analogy,data priority, contradiction,competition,acceptance
p.45 p.45 Bayesian inference is forced to rely on approximations
p.45 p.45 The best theory has the highest subjective (Bayesian) probability?
p.46 p.46 Neither a priori rationalism nor sense data empiricism account for scientific knowledge
p.46 p.46 Verisimilitude comes from including more phenomena, and revealing what underlies