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Ideas of Bernard Linsky, by Text

[American, fl. 1999, Professor at the University of Alberta. Son of Leonard Linsky.]

1999 Russell's Metaphysical Logic
1 p.4 'Impredictative' definitions fix a class in terms of the greater class to which it belongs
1 p.4 Reducibility says any impredicative function has an appropriate predicative replacement
1 p.4 Types are 'ramified' when there are further differences between the type of quantifier and its range
6 p.89 The ramified theory subdivides each type, according to the range of the variables
6 p.89 Did logicism fail, when Russell added three nonlogical axioms, to save mathematics?
6.1 p.91 For those who abandon logicism, standard set theory is a rival option
6.3 p.97 Extensionalism means what is true of a function is true of coextensive functions
6.4 p.101 Higher types are needed to distinguished intensional phenomena which are coextensive
7 p.115 The task of logicism was to define by logic the concepts 'number', 'successor' and '0'
7.3 p.127 Definite descriptions theory eliminates the King of France, but not the Queen of England
7.6 p.137 Construct properties as sets of objects, or say an object must be in the set to have the property
2014 Quantification and Descriptions
1.1.1 p.80 Definite descriptions, unlike proper names, have a logical structure
2 p.85 Contextual definitions eliminate descriptions from contexts