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Ideas of Baruch Brody, by Text

[American, fl. 1980, Professor at Rice University.]

1980 Identity and Essence
p.119 Brody bases sortal essentialism on properties required throughout something's existence [Mackie,P]
p.119 A sortal essence is a property which once possessed always possessed [Mackie,P]
p.132 Maybe essential properties are those which determine a natural kind?
1.2 p.9 a and b share all properties; so they share being-identical-with-a; so a = b
3 p.43 Indiscernibility is a necessary and sufficient condition for identity
4.1 p.80 Interrupted objects have two first moments of existence, which could be two beginnings
5.4 p.103 De re essentialism standardly says all possible objects identical with a have a's essential properties
5.4 p.111 Identity across possible worlds is prior to rigid designation
5.6 p.128 Mereological essentialism says that every part that ensures the existence is essential
5.6 p.131 Modern emphasis is on properties had essentially; traditional emphasis is on sort-defining properties
6 p.135 Essentially, a has P, always had P, must have had P, and has never had a future without P
6.1 p.136 An object having a property essentially is equivalent to its having it necessarily
6.3 p.152 Essentialism is justified if the essential properties of things explain their other properties