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Ideas of Scott Shalkowski, by Text

[British, fl. 1994, Lecturer at the University of Leeds.]

1994 Ontological Ground of Alethic Modality
3.9 p.196 Lewis must specify that all possibilities are in his worlds, making the whole thing circular [Sider]
2008 Essence and Being
'Ess and Know' p.59 Critics say that essences are too mysterious to be known
'Ess and Know' p.60 We distinguish objects by their attributes, not by their essences
'Essent' p.49 Essences are what it is to be that (kind of) thing - in fact, they are the thing's identity
'Essent' p.51 De dicto necessity has linguistic entities as their source, so it is a type of de re necessity
'Intro' p.49 Serious essentialism says everything has essences, they're not things, and they ground necessities
'Serious' p.53 Equilateral and equiangular aren't the same, as we have to prove their connection