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Ideas of Melvin Fitting, by Text

[American, fl. 1998, At Lehmann College.]

2007 Intensional Logic
1 p.2 Classical logic is deliberately extensional, in order to model mathematics
3.3 p.15 λ-abstraction disambiguates the scope of modal operators
3 p.8 If terms change their designations in different states, they are functions from states to objects
3.3 p.14 Intensional logic adds a second type of quantification, over intensional objects, or individual concepts
3.4 p.16 Definite descriptions pick out different objects in different possible worlds
3.6.1 p.23 Awareness logic adds the restriction of an awareness function to epistemic logic
3.6.1 p.23 Justication logics make explicit the reasons for mathematical truth in proofs