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Ideas of G Deleuze / F Guattari, by Text

[French, fl. 1985, The first a professor of philosophy at University of Paris VII, the second a psychiatrist.]

1980 A Thousand Plateaus
p.127 Political theory should not focus on the state or economy, but on the small scale of power [May]
1991 What is Philosophy?
Intro p.4 Philosophy is a concept-creating discipline
1.1 p.18 Other people completely revise our perceptions, because they are possible worlds
1.1 p.22 Logic has an infantile idea of philosophy
1.1 p.23 Philosophy is in a perpetual state of digression
1.1 p.27 We cannot judge the Cogito. Must we begin? Must we start from certainty? Can 'I' relate to thought?
1.1 p.28 Concepts are superior because they make us more aware, and change our thinking
1.1 p.28 The plague of philosophy is those who criticise without creating, and defend dead concepts
1.2 n p.43 'Eris' is the divinity of conflict, the opposite of Philia, the god of friendship
1.3 p.82 Philosophy aims at what is interesting, remarkable or important - not at knowledge or truth
1.4 p.92 Atheism is the philosopher's serenity, and philosophy's achievement
2.6 p.135 The logical attitude tries to turn concepts into functions, when they are really forms or forces
2.6 p.140 Logic hates philosophy, and wishes to supplant it
2.6 p.149 Phenomenology needs art as logic needs science
Conclusion p.209 Phenomenology says thought is part of the world