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Ideas of Keith Devlin, by Text

[American, fl. 1996, Dean of Science at St Mary's College. Senior Researcher at Stanford University.]

1997 Goodbye Descartes
Ch. 1 p.7 Sentences of apparent identical form can have different contextual meanings
Ch. 1 p.7 How do we parse 'time flies like an arrow' and 'fruit flies like an apple'?
Ch. 2 p.24 Space and time are atomic in the arrow, and divisible in the tortoise
Ch. 2 p.27 The distinction between sentences and abstract propositions is crucial in logic
Ch. 2 p.43 'No councillors are bankers' and 'All bankers are athletes' implies 'Some athletes are not councillors'
Ch. 2 p.48 Where a conditional is purely formal, an implication implies a link between premise and conclusion
Ch. 4 p.80 Modern propositional inference replaces Aristotle's 19 syllogisms with modus ponens
Ch. 4 p.83 Predicate logic retains the axioms of propositional logic
Ch. 4 p.85 Golden ages: 1900-1960 for pure logic, and 1950-1985 for applied logic
Ch. 5 p.111 People still say the Hopi have no time concepts, despite Whorf's later denial
Ch. 8 p.192 Montague's intensional logic incorporated the notion of meaning
Ch. 8 p.207 Situation theory is logic that takes account of context
Ch.11 p.261 Logic was merely a branch of rhetoric until the scientific 17th century