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Ideas of Jean Baudrillard, by Text

[French, 1929 - 2007, originally a teacher of German]

1976 works
p.192 Some continental philosophers are relativists - Baudrillard, for example [Critchley]
2004 The Intelligence of Evil
p.21 Without God we faced reality: what do we face without reality?
p. 17 p.17 There is no longer anything on which there is nothing to say
p. 40 p.40 The task of philosophy is to unmask the illusion of objective reality
p. 54 p.54 People like democracy because it means they can avoid power
p. 55 p.55 Only in the last 200 years have people demanded the democratic privilege of being individuals
p. 57 p.57 There is no need to involve the idea of free will to make choices about one's life
p. 83 p.83 The arrival of the news media brought history to an end
p.111 p.111 In modern times, being useless is the essential aesthetic ingredient for an object
p.120 p.120 Whole populations are terrorist threats to authorities, who unite against them
p.129 p.129 Instead of thesis and antithesis leading to synthesis, they now cancel out, and the conflict is levelled
p.139 p.139 Good versus evil has been banefully reduced to happiness versus misfortune
p.153 p.153 Suicide is ascribed to depression, with the originality of the act of will ignored
p.155 p.155 Pascal says secular life is acceptable, but more fun with the hypothesis of God
p.196 p.196 Drunken boat pilots are less likely to collide than clearly focused ones
p.210 p.210 Nothing is true, but everything is exact