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Ideas of Stewart Cohen, by Text

[American, fl. 1998, Professor at Arizona State University.]

2005 Contextualism Defended (and reply)
1 p.69 Our own intuitions about whether we know tend to vacillate
1 p.70 Contextualists slightly concede scepticism, but only in extremely strict contexts
1 p.79 We shouldn't jump too quickly to a contextualist account of claims to know
1 p.81 The context sensitivity of knowledge derives from its justification
3 p.74 Contextualism is good because it allows knowledge, but bad because 'knowing' is less valued
2005 Contextualism Defended
p.57 p.57 Contextualism says sceptical arguments are true, relative to their strict context
p.58 p.58 There aren't invariant high standards for knowledge, because even those can be raised
p.68 p.68 Knowledge is context-sensitive, because justification is