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Ideas of G Edelman / G Tononi, by Text

[, fl. 2000, Edelman a professor of neuroscience, winner of the 1972 Nobel Prize. Tononi works at Edelman's institute.]

2000 Consciousness: matter becomes imagination
p.42 Concepts and generalisations result from brain 'global mapping' by 'reentry' [Searle]
Pref p.-3 Consciousness involves interaction with persons and the world, as well as brain functions
Ch. 3 p.23 The three essentials of conscious experience are privateness, unity and informativeness
Ch. 3 p.29 A conscious human being rapidly reunifies its mind after any damage to the brain
Ch. 6 p.69 Brains can initiate free actions before the person is aware of their own decision
Ch. 9 p.102 Concepts arise when the brain maps its own activities
Ch.11 p.126 Information-processing views of the brain assume the existence of 'information', and dubious brain codes
Ch.11 p.136 Brain complexity balances segregation and integration, like a good team of specialists
Ch.11 p.136 Dreams and imagery show the brain can generate awareness and meaning without input
Ch.12 p.139 Consciousness arises from high speed interactions between clusters of neurons
Ch.12 p.144 Consciousness is a process (of neural interactions), not a location, thing, property, connectivity, or activity
Ch.12 p.152 A conscious state endures for about 100 milliseconds, known as the 'specious present'
Ch.12 p.152 Consciousness is a process, not a thing, as it maintains unity as its composition changes
Ch.13 p.159 Cultures have a common core of colour naming, based on three axes of colour pairs
Ch.13 p.167 The sensation of red is a point in neural space created by dimensions of neuronal activity
Ch.13 p.174 The self is founded on bodily awareness centred in the brain stem
Ch.13 p.174 Systems that generate a sense of value are basic to the primitive brain
Ch.15 p.196 Prior to language, concepts are universals created by self-mapping of brain activity
Ch.15 p.197 A sense of self begins either internally, or externally through language and society
Ch.17 p.210 Physicists see information as a measure of order, but for biologists it is symbolic exchange between animals
Ch.17 p.214 Consciousness can create new axioms, but computers can't do that