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Ideas of Lawrence M. Krauss, by Text

[American, fl. 1996, Professor of Physics at Arizona State University.]

2012 A Universe from Nothing
04 p.57 General Relativity: the density of energy and matter determines curvature and gravity
04 p.66 In 1676 it was discovered that water is teeming with life
04 p.70 Most of the mass of a proton is the energy in virtual particles (rather than the quarks)
04 p.71 Uncertainty says that energy can be very high over very short time periods
05 p.87 The universe is precisely 13.72 billion years old
06 p.96 Space itself can expand (and separate its contents) at faster than light speeds
08 p.122 An understanding of the most basic physics should explain all of the subject's mysteries
08 p.129 It seems likely that cosmic inflation is eternal, and this would make a multiverse inevitable
10 p.153 Empty space contains a continual flux of brief virtual particles