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Ideas of P. Johnson-Laird, by Text

[American, fl. 1983, Professor of Psychology at Princeton University.]

1983 Mental Models
p.53 p.265 The models we use in reasoning may be more like perceptions than like language
     Full Idea: The models that people use to reason are more likely to resemble perception or conception of the events (from a God's-eye view) than a string of symbols directly corresponding to the linguistic form of the premises and then applying rules of inference.
     From: P. Johnson-Laird (Mental Models [1983], p.53), quoted by Georges Rey - Contemporary Philosophy of Mind 10.1.2
     A reaction: My intuition is that imagination is the single most important faculty in any conscious mind, and that even small animals have an inkling of the God's-eye view. Decisions need 'what-if' scenarios.