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Ideas of Bernecker / Dretske, by Text

[American, fl. 2000, Professors in California.]

2000 Knowledge:Readings in Cont.Epist
Pt.II Int p.69 Justification can be of the belief, or of the person holding the belief
Pt.III Int p.231 Foundationalism aims to avoid an infinite regress
Pt.III Int p.232 Infallible sensations can't be foundations if they are non-epistemic
Pt.III Int p.232 Justification is normative, so it can't be reduced to cognitive psychology
Pt.IV Int p.302 Modern arguments against the sceptic are epistemological and semantic externalism, and the focus on relevance
Pt.V Int p.431 Perception, introspection, testimony, memory, reason, and inference can give us knowledge
Pt.V Int p.433 Causal theory says true perceptions must be caused by the object perceived
Pt.V Int p.434 You can acquire new knowledge by exploring memories
Pt.V Int p.434 Semantic externalism ties content to the world, reducing error
Pt.V Int p.437 Predictions are bound to be arbitrary if they depend on the language used