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Ideas of Michael J. Loux, by Text

[American, fl. 1998, Professor at Notre Dame University, Indiana.]

1998 Metaphysics: contemporary introduction
p.24 p.24 Universals come in hierarchies of generality
p.34 p.34 Nominalism needs to account for abstract singular terms like 'circularity'.
p.56 p.56 Times and places are identified by objects, so cannot be used in a theory of object-identity
p.60 p.60 Austere nominalists insist that the realist's universals lack the requisite independent identifiability
p.68 p.68 Austere nominalism has to take a host of things (like being red, or human) as primitive
p.86 p.86 If abstract terms are sets of tropes, 'being a unicorn' and 'being a griffin' turn out identical