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Ideas of Henry E. Kyburg Jr, by Text

[American, fl. 1961, At the University of Rochester.]

1961 Probability and Logic of Rational Belief
p.230 If my ticket won't win the lottery (and it won't), no other tickets will either
     Full Idea: The Lottery Paradox says you should rationally conclude that your ticket will not win the lottery, and then apply the same reasoning to all the other tickets, and conclude that no ticket will win the lottery.
     From: report of Henry E. Kyburg Jr (Probability and Logic of Rational Belief [1961]) by J Pollock / J Cruz - Contemporary theories of Knowledge (2nd) 7.2.8
     A reaction: (Very compressed by me). I doubt whether this is a very deep paradox; the conclusion that I will not win is a rational assessment of likelihood, but it is not the result of strict logic.