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Ideas of Judith (Jarvis) Thomson, by Text

[American, b.1929, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.]

1971 A Defense of Abortion
p.86 Maybe abortion can be justified despite the foetus having full human rights [Foot]
p.87 The foetus is safe in the womb, so abortion initiates its death, with the mother as the agent. [Foot]
p.125 p.125 A newly fertilized ovum is no more a person than an acorn is an oak tree
p.126 p.126 Is someone's right to life diminished if they were conceived by a rape?
p.127 p.127 It can't be murder for a mother to perform an abortion on herself to save her own life
p.131 p.131 The right to life is not a right not to be killed, but not to be killed unjustly
p.131 p.131 The right to life does not bestow the right to use someone else's body to support that life
p.135 p.135 No one is morally required to make huge sacrifices to keep someone else alive for nine months
1983 Parthood and Identity across Time
p.210 p.25 Temporal parts is a crazy doctrine, because it entails constantly creating stuff ex nihilo [Koslicki]
1997 People and Their Bodies
p.211 p.65 How can point-duration slices of people have beliefs or desires?