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Ideas of Michael Frede, by Text

[German, 1940 - 2007, Professor at Princeton, and then at Oxford.]

1978 Individuals in Aristotle
p.66 Insurance on the original ship would hardly be paid out if the plank version was wrecked!
1983 Title, Unity, Authenticity of the 'Categories'
I p.11 Earlier views of Aristotle were dominated by 'Categories'
1996 Intro to 'Rationality in Greek Thought'
p.5 p.5 The early philosophers thought that reason has its own needs and desires
1997 A Free Will
Intro p.11 The Gnostic demiurge (creator) is deluded, and doesn't care about us
04 p.49 In the third century Stoicism died out, replaced by Platonism, with Aristotelian ethics
07 p.103 The idea of free will achieved universal acceptance because of Christianity
08 p.126 For Christians man has free will by creation in God's image (as in Genesis)
08 p.143 In late antiquity nearly all philosophers were monotheists
09 p.156 There is no will for Plato or Aristotle, because actions come directly from perception of what is good
10 p.176 The Stoics needed free will, to allow human choices in a divinely providential cosmos