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Ideas of Curt Ducasse, by Text

[American, 1881 - 1969, Head of Philosophy at Brown University.]

1926 Nature and Observability of Causal Relations
Intro p.125 Causation is defined in terms of a single sequence, and constant conjunction is no part of it
1 p.125 A correct definition is what can be substituted without loss of meaning
2 p.126 Causes are either sufficient, or necessary, or necessitated, or contingent upon
3 p.127 A cause is a change which occurs close to the effect and just before it
4 p.129 Recurrence is only relevant to the meaning of law, not to the meaning of cause
5 p.134 We see what is in common between causes to assign names to them, not to perceive them
5 p.135 When a brick and a canary-song hit a window, we ignore the canary if we are interested in the breakage
6 p.135 We are interested in generalising about causes and effects purely for practical purposes