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Ideas of C.D. Broad, by Text

[British, 1887 - 1971, Professor at Bristol University, and then Professor of Moral Philosophy at Cambridge University.]

1923 Scientific Thought
p.1 The present and past exist, but the future does not [Dummett]
10 'Duration' p.393 A thing is simply a long event, linked by qualities, and spatio-temporal unity
II p.59 We imagine the present as a spotlight, moving across events from past to future
II p.66 We could say present and past exist, but not future, so that each event adds to the total history
p.54 p.31 If short-lived happenings like car crashes are 'events', why not long-lived events like Dover Cliffs?
1925 Mind and Its Place in Nature
p.7 Broad rejects the inferential component of the representative theory [Maund]
1933 Examination of McTaggart's Philosophy
I.349-50 p.186 Surely the past phases of a thing are not parts of the thing?