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Ideas of R.B. Braithwaite, by Text

[British, 1900 - 1990, Professor at Cambridge University.]

1953 Scientific Explanation
p.274-8 p.110 One sort of circularity presupposes a premise, the other presupposes a rule being used
     Full Idea: An argument is 'premise-circular' if it aims to establish a conclusion that is assumed as a premise of that very argument. An argument is 'rule-circular' if it aims to establish a conclusion that asserts the goodness of the rule used in that argument.
     From: report of R.B. Braithwaite (Scientific Explanation [1953], p.274-8) by Michael Devitt - There is no a Priori 2
     A reaction: Rule circularity is the sort of thing Quine is always objecting to, but such circularities may be unavoidable, and even totally benign. All the good things in life form a mutually supporting team.
1955 Empiricist View of Religion
p.239 If meaning is use, then religious sentences have meaning because they are used to assert an intention about how to live
     Full Idea: If the meaning of statements is their use (as Wittgenstein claims), then religious people use religious claims to assert an intention to follow a religious life and morality, and this intention gives their sentences meaning.
     From: report of R.B. Braithwaite (Empiricist View of Religion [1955]) by PG - Db (ideas)