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Ideas of Roger Fry, by Text

[British, 1866 - 1934, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge University.]

1909 An Essay in Aesthetics
p.23 p.23 If graphic arts only aim at imitation, their works are only trivial ingenious toys
p.24 p.24 Imaginative life requires no action, so new kinds of perception and values emerge in art
p.25 p.25 In the cinema the emotions are weaker, but much clearer than in ordinary life
p.26 p.26 For pure moralists art must promote right action, and not just be harmless
p.29 p.29 Popular opinion favours realism, yet most people never look closely at anything!
p.29 p.29 Everyone reveals an aesthetic attitude, looking at something which only exists to be seen
p.30 p.30 Most of us are too close to our own motives to understand them
p.31 p.31 In life we neglect 'cosmic emotion', but it matters, and art brings it to the fore
p.32 p.32 Art needs a mixture of order and variety in its sensations
p.33 p.33 'Beauty' can either mean sensuous charm, or the aesthetic approval of art (which may be ugly)
p.33 p.33 When viewing art, rather than flowers, we are aware of purpose, and sympathy with its creator