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Ideas of Gerhard Gentzen, by Text

[German, 1909 - 1945, Pupil of Weyl. Professor at Prague. A Nazi, starved to death after the war.]

1935 Investigations into Logical Deduction
p.231 Natural deduction shows the heart of reasoning (and sequent calculus is just a tool) [Hacking]
1938 works
p.63 The inferential role of a logical constant constitutes its meaning [Hanna]
p.126 Gentzen proved the consistency of arithmetic from assumptions beyond arithmetic [Musgrave]
p.228 Gentzen introduced a natural deduction calculus (NK) in 1934 [Read]
p.229 The logical connectives are 'defined' by their introduction rules
II.5.13 p.787 Each logical symbol has an 'introduction' rule to define it, and hence an 'elimination' rule