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Ideas of P Grice / P Strawson, by Text

[British, fl. 1955, Pair of distinguished Oxford philosophers in the 1950s and 1960s.]

1956 In Defense of a Dogma
p.120 If we give up synonymy, we have to give up significance, meaning and sense
     Full Idea: If we are to give up the notion of sentence-synonymy as senseless, we must give up the notion of sentence-significance (of a sentence having meaning) as senseless too. But then perhaps we might as well give up the notion of sense.
     From: P Grice / P Strawson (In Defense of a Dogma [1956]), quoted by Alexander Miller - Philosophy of Language 4.2
     A reaction: This is very prescient. Nearly all American philosophers seem to embrace Quine's view of analyticity (the philosophical equivalent of Americans putting a man on the moon?), but have they digested the implications (which Quine later largely admits)?