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Ideas of G.H. von Wright, by Text

[Finnish, 1916 - 2003, Born in Helsinki. Professor at Cambridge 1948-51. At Cornell University, and Helsinki. Friend of Wittgenstein. Died in Finland.]

1973 Logic and Epistemology of Causal Relations
10 p.123 The very notion of a cause depends on agency and action
2 p.106 We must further analyse conditions for causation, into quantifiers or modal concepts
5 p.111 What is true used to be possible, but it may no longer be so
7 p.117 We give regularities a causal character by subjecting them to experiment
8 p.118 p is a cause and q an effect (not vice versa) if manipulations of p change q
8 p.119 We can imagine controlling floods by controlling rain, but not vice versa
9 p.121 Some laws are causal (Ohm's Law), but others are conceptual principles (conservation of energy)