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Ideas of Albert Einstein, by Text

[German, 1879 - 1955, Born at Ulm. Educated in Munich and Switzerland. In the patent office in Berne. USA in 1930, and settled at Princeton University.]

1915 works
p. I do not believe in a personal God
p.40 The theory is 'special' because it sticks to observers moving straight, at constant speeds [Farmelo]
p.40 Assume the speed of light is constant for all observers, and the laws of physics are the same [Farmelo]
p.40 Space-time arises from the connection between measurements of space and of time [Farmelo]
p.91 General Relativity says there is no absolute force or acceleration [Close]
p.97 Newton is a special case of Einstein's general theory, with an infinite speed of light [Close]
p.101 General relativity assumes laws of nature are the same in all frames of reference [Close]
p.105 Einstein took causation to be the bedrock of physics [Coveney/Highfield]
p.108 Mass is a measure of energy content
p.124 Special relativity, unlike general relativity, was operationalist in spirit [Putnam]