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Ideas of Arthur N. Prior, by Text

[Australian, 1914 - 1969, Of Balliol College, Oxford.]

1960 The Runabout Inference Ticket
p.132 We need to know the meaning of 'and', prior to its role in reasoning [Belnap]
p.135 Prior's 'tonk' is inconsistent, since it allows the non-conservative inference A |- B [Belnap]
p.225 Prior rejected accounts of logical connectives by inference pattern, with 'tonk' his absurd example [Read]
09 p.236 Maybe introducing or defining logical connectives by rules of inference leads to absurdity [Hacking]
1968 Changes in Events and Changes in Things
p.97 'Thank goodness that's over' is not like 'thank goodness that happened on Friday'
p.13 p.21 That Queen Anne is dead is a 'general fact', not a fact about Queen Anne