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Ideas of Friedrich Schiller, by Text

[German, 1759 - 1805, Doctor. Professor of History and Philosophy at Jena. Playwright. Friend of Goethe.]

1794 works
p.79 Schiller speaks obsessively of freedom throughout his works
     Full Idea: Schiller constantly speaks of spiritual freedom: freedom of reason, the kingdom of freedom, our free self, inner freedom, freedom of mind, moral freedom, the free intelligence - a very favourite phrase - holy freedom, the impregnable citadel of freedom.
     From: report of Friedrich Schiller (works [1794]) by Isaiah Berlin - The Roots of Romanticism
     A reaction: Kant's philosophy and his Kingdom of Ends are an obvious source for this, but I trace the sentiment back to 'Freeborn John' Lilburne during the English Civil War. The English, thanks to Voltaire, embodied freedom in the Enlightenment.
p.134 Beauty motivates morality, by harmonising feeling and reason
     Full Idea: On Schiller's view, only beauty could shape or evince the necessary harmony between sensibility and reason (between inclination and duty) which provides the crucial motivation for the moral life.
     From: report of Friedrich Schiller (works [1794]) by Terry Pinkard - German Philosophy 1760-1860 06
     A reaction: Maybe. Reason should probably be drawn towards feelings which seem inspiring.