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Ideas of Alexis de Tocqueville, by Text

[French, 1805 - 1859, Born at Verneuil in France. Died at Cannes.]

1840 Democracy in America (abr Renshaw)
1.01 p.14 Aristocracy is constituted by inherited landed property
1.01 p.15 Slavery undermines the morals and energy of a society
1.02 p.28 Equality can only be established by equal rights for all (or no rights for anyone)
1.02 p.29 It is admirable to elevate the humble to the level of the great, but the opposite is depraved
1.04 p.35 Wherever there is a small community, the association of the people is natural
1.04 p.42 In Europe it is thought that local government is best handled centrally
1.05 p.44 In American judges rule according to the Constitution, not the law
1.07 p.53 The people are just individuals, and only present themselves as united to foreigners
1.07 p.59 A monarchical family is always deeply concerned with the interests of the state
1.07 p.60 An election, and its lead up time, are always a national crisis
1.07 p.69 Vast empires are bad for well-being and freedom, though they may promote glory
1.07 p.70 People would be much happier and freer in small nations
1.10 p.78 The liberty of the press is more valuable for what it prevents than what it promotes
1.11 p.83 Universal suffrage is no guarantee of wise choices
1.11 p.85 Despots like to see their own regulations ignored, by themselves and their agents