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Ideas of Antoine Arnauld, by Text

[French, 1612 - 1694, Born in Paris. Catholic controversialist and logician, based at Port-Royal monastery near Paris.]

1686 Letters to Leibniz
1686.05.13 p.104 No one can conceive of a possible substance, apart from those which God has created
     Full Idea: I am much mistaken if there is anyone who dares to say that he can conceive of a purely possible substance, …for although one talks so much of them, one never conceives them except according to the notion of those which God has created.
     From: Antoine Arnauld (Letters to Leibniz [1686], 1686.05.13), quoted by David Wiggins - Sameness and Substance 4.2
     A reaction: This idea cashes out in the 'necessitism' of Tim Williamson, and views on the Barcan formulae in modal logic.