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Ideas of Pierre Gassendi, by Text

[French, 1592 - 1655, Born at Champtercier, France.]

1641 Objections to 'Meditations' (Fifth)
p.131 Things must have parts to intermingle
1644 Disquisitions
II.3.4 p.260 Modes of things exist in some way, without being full-blown substances
1658 Syntagma
II.1.3.5 p.42 Atoms are not points, but hard indivisible things, which no force in nature can divide
II.1.5.7 p.504 How do mere atoms produce qualities like colour, flavour and odour?
II.1.6.1 p.116 We observe qualities, and use 'induction' to refer to the substances lying under them
II.1.6.1 p.504 If matter is entirely atoms, anything else we notice in it can only be modes