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Ideas of Elizabeth, Princess of Bohemia, by Text

[British, fl. 1643, Daughter of King James I of England.]

1643 Letters to Descartes
p.42 p.42 A soul with physical extension is more likely than an immaterial soul that moves bodies
     Full Idea: I would find it easier to concede matter and extension to the soul than to concede that an immaterial thing could move and be moved by a body.
     From: Elizabeth, Princess of Bohemia (Letters to Descartes [1643], p.42), quoted by Matthew Cobb - The Idea of the Brain 2
     A reaction: Very nicely expressed! I'm trying to imagine a ghost which finds itself stuck with a physical body which it has to drag around like a reluctant dog. She is stating the classic interaction problem which plagues all mind-body dualism.