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Ideas of Mirabeau and committee, by Text

[French, fl. 1789, Leading group in the early French Revolution]

1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man
02 p.285 The purpose of society is to protect the rights of liberty, property, security and resistance
06 p.285 The law expresses the general will, and all citizens can participate
06 p.285 All citizens are eligible for roles in the state, purely on the basis of merit
10 p.286 No one should be molested for their opinions, if they do not disturb the established order
11 p.286 Free speech is very precious, and everyone may speak and write freely (but take responsibility for it)
13 p.286 Everyone must contribute to the state's power and administration, in just proportion
16 p.286 There is only a constitution if rights are assured, and separation of powers defined
17 p.287 Property is a sacred right, breached only when essential, and with fair compensation