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Ideas of Joseph Joubert, by Text

[French, 1754 - 1824, Student of philosophy, friend of Diderot, revolutionary JP, Inspector-General of Education.]

1800 Notebooks
1797 p.27 Seek wisdom rather than truth; it is easier
1797 p.30 The imagination has made more discoveries than the eye
1798 p.43 We must think with our entire body and soul
1799 p.51 He gives his body up to pleasure, but not his soul
1800 p.56 Virtue is hard if we are scorned; we need support
1800 p.60 The truths of reason instruct, but they do not illuminate
1800 p.60 Truth consists of having the same idea about something that God has
1800 p.67 Where does the bird's idea of a nest come from?
1800 p.68 To know is to see inside oneself
1801 p.72 We cannot speak against Christianity without anger, or speak for it without love
1801 p.74 A thought is as real as a cannon ball
1802 p.78 What will you think of pleasures when you no longer enjoy them?
1808 p.130 We can't exactly conceive virtue without the idea of God
1809 p.132 In raising a child we must think of his old age
1814 p.143 The love of certainty holds us back in metaphysics