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Ideas of La Rochefoucauld, by Text

[French, 1613 - 1680, Aristocratic soldier and socialite, and compiler of a famous set of maxims.]

1663 Maxims
p.17 La Rochefoucauld's idea of disguised self-love implies an unconscious mind [Sartre]
072 p.44 Judging by effects, love looks more like hatred than friendship
200 p.59 Virtue doesn't go far without the support of vanity
231 p.64 To try to be wise all on one's own is folly
244 p.66 Supreme cleverness is knowledge of the real value of things
473 p.92 True friendship is even rarer than true love
555 p.105 We are bored by people to whom we ourselves are boring
570 p.110 Realising our future misery is a kind of happiness