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Ideas of Galileo Galilei, by Text

[Italian, 1564 - 1642, Ffirst true scientist, based in Pisa and Florence. Proved the heliocentric solar system. Tried for heresy; house arrest from 1633.]

1623 Il Saggiatore ('The Assayer')
p.15 Galileo introduced geometrico-mechanical explanation, based on Archimedes [Machamer/Darden/Craver]
p.21 Heat and colour don't exist, so cannot mislead about the external world [Tuck]
p.41 Tastes, odours and colours only reside in consciousness, and would disappear with creatures
VI.232 p.5 To understand the universe mathematics is essential
1632 Two Chief World Systems
p.115 Galileo mathematised movement, and revealed its invariable component - acceleration [Meillassoux]