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Ideas of Michel de Montaigne, by Text

[French, 1533 - 1592, Born and died at Montaigne. Closely associated with the city of Bordeaux, of which he was Mayor.]

1580 I.7 Our deeds are judged by intention
p.0028 p.28 Rules and duties are based on the will, as that is all we control
1580 On Cruelty
p.27 Montaigne was the founding father of liberalism [Gopnik]
1580 III.10 On Restraining your Will
p.1139 p.1139 People at home care far more than soldiers risking death about the outcome of wars
p.1142 p.1142 There is not much point in only becoming good near the end of your life
p.1153 p.1153 Virtue inspires Stoics, but I want a good temperament
p.1153 p.1153 Nothing we say can be worse than unsaying it in the face of authority
p.1191 p.1191 Apart from the fear, dying is an easy duty
1580 Apology for Raymond Sebond
p.0493 p.493 Virtue is the distinctive mark of truth, and its greatest product
p.0562 p.562 Why can't a wise man doubt everything?
p.0564 p.564 Sceptics say there is truth, but no means of making or testing lasting judgements
p.0614 p.614 The soul is in the brain, as shown by head injuries
p.0666 p.666 We lack some sense or other, and hence objects may have hidden features
p.0672 p.672 No wisdom could make us comfortably walk a wide beam if it was high in the air
1580 I.39 On Solitude
p.276 p.276 We must fight fiercely to hang on to the few pleasures which survive into old age