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Ideas of Peter Abelard, by Text

[French, 1079 - 1142, Born at Nantes. Castrated for affair with Heloise in 1118. At the University of Paris. Work condemned in 1121 and 1140.]

1135 works
p.6 Abelard was an irrealist about virtually everything apart from concrete individuals [King,P]
p.6 If 'animal' is wholly present in Socrates and an ass, then 'animal' is rational and irrational [King,P]
p.8 Abelard's mereology involves privileged and natural divisions, and principal parts [King,P]
p.8 Natural kinds are not special; they are just well-defined resemblance collections [King,P]
p.50 Nothing external can truly be predicated of an object [Panaccio]
p.51 Only words can be 'predicated of many'; the universality is just in its mode of signifying [Panaccio]
p.52 Abelard's problem is the purely singular aspects of things won't account for abstraction [Panaccio]
p.155 The de dicto-de re modality distinction dates back to Abelard [Orenstein]