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Ideas of Plutarch, by Text

[Greek, 45 - 121, Born at Chaeronea. A Roman governor.]

85 14: Superstition
12 p.11 Absurd superstitions make people atheist, not disharmony in nature
85 26: Oracles in Decline
39 p.46 The sun is always bright; it doesn't become bright when it emerges
85 64: Gryllus - on Rationality in Animals
988c p.389 Being manly and brave is the result of convention, not of human nature
990d p.394 Animals don't value pleasure, as they cease sexual intercourse after impregnation
990d p.394 Animals have not been led into homosexuality, because they value pleasure very little
85 67: Platonic Questions
II.1001 p.33 When the soul is intelligent and harmonious, it is part of god and derives from god
85 68: Generation of the soul in 'Timaeus'
1025d p.247 Some say emotion is a sort of reason, and others say virtue concerns emotion
85 72: Against Stoics on common Conceptions
1083e p.853 People report seeing through rocks, or over the horizon, or impossibly small works
85 74: Reply to Colotes
1108 p.195 The good life involves social participation, loyalty, temperance and honesty
1111 p.215 If only atoms exist, how do qualities arise when the atoms come together?
1112 p.219 If atoms have no qualities, they cannot possibly produce a mind
1119 p.261 Rather than being the whole soul, maybe I am its chief part?
1125 p.301 No one will ever find a city that lacks religious practices
1122c p.37 Action needs an affinity for a presentation, and an impulse toward the affinity
85 75: Is 'Live Unknown' a Wise Precept?
6 p.123 Some philosophers say the soul is light
85 Life of Theseus
23 p.29 Replacing timbers on Theseus' ship was the classic illustration of the problem of growth and change