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Ideas of Diogenes Laertius, by Text

[Greek, 210 - 270, Born at Laerte.]

250 Lives of Eminent Philosophers
3.1.23 p.132 Induction moves from some truths to similar ones, by contraries or consequents
3.1.52 p.143 Dialectic involves conversations with short questions and brief answers
6.Men.3 p.258 Cynics believe that when a man wishes for nothing he is like the gods
9.11.11 p.418 When sceptics say that nothing is definable, or all arguments have an opposite, they are being dogmatic
9.Py.11 p.413 Sceptics say demonstration depends on self-demonstrating things, or indemonstrable things
9.Py.11 p.418 Scepticism has two dogmas: that nothing is definable, and every argument has an opposite argument
10.28 p.473 Cyrenaic pleasure is a motion, but Epicurean pleasure is a condition