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Ideas of Galen, by Text

[Greek, 129 - 200, Born at Pergamum. Settled in Rome at the age of 40, and died there. Doctor and medical thinker, who left many writings.]

169 On Medical Experience
p.42 Galen's medicine followed the mean; each illness was balanced by opposite treatment [Hacking]
170 On Hippocrates and Plato
p.243 Galen showed by experiment that the brain controls the body [Hankinson]
5.5.8 p.415 Each part of the soul has its virtue - pleasure for appetite, success for competition, and rectitude for reason
170 On the Natural Faculties
I.iv p.9 We just use the word 'faculty' when we don't know the psychological cause
170 An Outline of Empiricism
87.4-9.28ff p.3 Early empiricists said reason was just a useless concept introduced by philosophers [Frede,M]
170 The soul's dependence on the body
p.23 Stopping the heart doesn't terminate activity; pressing the brain does that [Cobb]
p.25 The brain contains memory and reason, and is the source of sensation and decision
Kiv.11.816 p.173 We execute irredeemable people, to protect ourselves, as a deterrent, and ending a bad life
Kiv.11.817 p.173 Philosophy must start from clearly observed facts
Kiv.2.769 p.151 Philosophers think faculties are in substances, and invent a faculty for every activity
Kiv.2.772 p.152 The rational part of the soul is the desire for truth, understanding and recollection
Kiv.2.772 p.152 The spirit in the soul wants freedom, power and honour