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Ideas of Democritus (attrib), by Text

[Greek, fl. 270 BCE, later ideas (mostly ethical) attributed to Democritus, but unlikely to be authentic.]

250BCE reports
B041 p.99 Be virtuous from duty, not from fear
B042 p.99 It is a great thing, when one is in adversity, to think of duty
B043 p.99 Repentance of shameful deeds is salvation
B045 p.99 The wrongdoer is more unfortunate than the person wronged
B051 p.100 Reason is a more powerful persuader than gold
B057 p.100 Good breeding in men means having a good character
B062 p.100 Virtue doesn't just avoid evil, but also doesn't desire it
B069 p.101 Good and true are the same for everyone, but pleasures differ
B070 p.101 Immoderate desire is the mark of a child, not an adult
B073 p.101 Virtuous love consists of decorous desire for the beautiful
B074 p.101 Only accept beneficial pleasures
B098 p.102 It is better to have one intelligent friend than many unintelligent
B105 p.103 Beauty is merely animal without intelligence
B160 p.106 A bad life is just a drawn-out death
B190 p.109 One must avoid even speaking of evil deeds
B194 p.110 The great pleasures come from the contemplation of noble works
B207 p.111 We should only choose pleasures which are concerned with the beautiful
B211 p.111 Moderation brings more pleasures, and so increases pleasure
B214 p.111 It is as brave to master pleasure as to overcome the enemy
B219 p.191 The endless desire for money is a crueller slavery than poverty
B242 p.113 Virtue comes more from practice than from nature
B244 p.113 Behave well when alone, and feel shame in you own eyes
B251 p.191 It is better to be poor in a democracy than be rich without freedom
B284 p.117 Small appetite makes poverty equal to wealth