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Ideas of Posidonius, by Text

[Greek, 135 - 50 BCE, Born at Apamea in Syria. Taught by Panaetius. Head of Stoic school on Rhodes. Cicero was a pupil. Died on Rhodes.]

95BCE fragments/reports
p.88 Time is an interval of motion, or the measure of speed
     Full Idea: Posidonius defined time thus: it is an interval of motion, or the measure of speed and slowness.
     From: report of Posidonius (fragments/reports [c.95 BCE]) by John Stobaeus - Anthology 1.08.42
     A reaction: Hm. Can we define motion or speed without alluding to time? Looks like we have to define them as a conjoined pair, which means we cannot fully understand either of them.
p.139 Learned men gain more in one day than others do in a lifetime
     Full Idea: In a single day there lies open to men of learning more than there ever does to the unenlightened in the longest of lifetimes.
     From: Posidonius (fragments/reports [c.95 BCE]), quoted by Seneca the Younger - Letters from a Stoic 078
     A reaction: These remarks endorsing the infinite superiority of the educated to the uneducated seem to have been popular in late antiquity. It tends to be the religions which discourage great learning, especially in their emphasis on a single book.