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Ideas of Critolaus, by Text

[Greek, 210 - 150 BCE, Born at Phaselis. Head of the Lyceum.]

170BCE fragments/reports
p.160 Critolaus redefined Aristotle's moral aim as fulfilment instead of happiness
     Full Idea: Critolaus reformulated Aristotelian theory by defining happiness as a 'fulfilment' (sumplêrôma) of psychic, physical, and external goods, where virtue vastly outweighs the rest.
     From: report of Critolaus (fragments/reports [c.170 BCE]) by Stephen A. White - Critolaus
     A reaction: The sounds more like an attempt at clarification than a real change of Peripatetic doctrine. Occasionally 'fulfilment' is offered as a translation for eudaimonia. Maybe we should just take up Critolaus' suggestion when we are discussing Aristotle.