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Ideas of Philolaus, by Text

[Greek, 475 - 395 BCE, Born and lived at Tarentum, in southern Italy. Taught by Pythagoras.]

435BCE On the Cosmos (lost)
p.372 Philolaus was the first person to say the earth moves in a circle [Diog. Laertius]
B02 p.73 Existing things, and hence the Cosmos, are a mixture of the Limited and the Unlimited
B04 p.111 Everything must involve numbers, or it couldn't be thought about or known
B06 p.111 Harmony must pre-exist the cosmos, to bring the dissimilar sources together
B11 p.75 There is no falsehood in harmony and number, only in irrational things
B11 p.75 No things would be clear to us as entity or relationships unless there existed Number and its essence
B23 p.77 Self-created numbers make the universe stable
425BCE fragments/reports
p.28 Some reasonings are stronger than we are