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Ideas of Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu), by Text

[Chinese, 369 - 286 BCE, Born at Meng, in China. A minor court official.]

329BCE The Book of Chuang Tzu
02 p.144 You know you were dreaming when you wake, but there might then be a greater awakening from that
26 p.154 Words are for meaning, and once you have that you can forget the words
Ch.1 p.3 The perfect man has no self
Ch.2 p.9 Words of wisdom are precise and clear
Ch.2 p.12 If words can't be defined, they may just be the chirruping of chicks
Ch.2 p.15 As all life is one, what need is there for words?
Ch.2 p.15 Don't even start, let's just stay put
Ch.2 p.16 Disagreement means you do not understand at all
Ch.2 p.16 Great courage is not violent
Ch.2 p.19 If you beat me in argument, does that mean you are right?
Ch.2 p.20 Did Chuang Tzu dream he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dream he was Chuang Tzu?
Ch.6 p.52 To see with true clarity, your self must be irrelevant
Ch.6 p.56 Go with the flow, and be one with the void of Heaven
Ch.6 p.56 Fish forget about each other in the pond and forget each other in the Tao
Ch.7 p.64 Do not try to do things, or to master knowledge; just be empty