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Ideas of Anon (Plat), by Text

[Greek, fl. 330 BCE, Group of writers who imitate Plato after his death.]

340BCE Alcibiades
p.39 Man uses his body, so must be separate from it
     Full Idea: A man uses his whole body to do things, and therefore, just as a person is distinct from a tool he uses, so it follows that a man must be distinct from his body.
     From: report of Anon (Plat) (Alcibiades [c.340 BCE]) by Keith T. Maslin - Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind 2.3
     A reaction: This 'follows'? Every part of my body and my mind makes 'use' of every other part. My body uses my mind to achieve reproduction. He presumably means 'person' rather than 'man'.