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Ideas of Anon (Cent), by Text

[Indian, fl. 500 BCE, Probably from Kashmir. The author(s) of 'Centring', an early text of Zen Buddhism.]

500BCE Centring
110 p.162 Bondage and liberation are relative terms, which only frighten those already terrified of the universe
23 p.155 Feel your whole body saturated with cosmic essence
28 p.156 Imagine fire burning up your whole body, but not you
50 p.157 Being is revealed at the point between waking and sleep
59 p.158 The serenity in blue sky beyond clouds
64 p.159 Just as you have the impulse to do something, stop
79 p.160 Abandon attachment to body, and feel the joy of being everywhere
83 p.160 Neglect your self, and feel the consciousness of each other being