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Ideas of Anon (Bhag), by Text

[Indian, fl. 500 BCE, Author of 'The Bhagavad Gita'.]

500BCE The Bhagavad Gita
10.2/8 p.84 Everything, including the gods, comes from me, says Krishna
10.22 p.86 In all living beings I am the light of consciousness, says Krishna
10.36 p.87 I am all the beauty and goodness of things, says Krishna
11.54 p.95 Only by love can men see me, know me, and come to me, says Krishna
16.21 p.111 The three gates of hell are lust, anger and greed
18.14/15 p.116 All actions come from: body, lower self, perception, means of action, or Fate
2.31 p.51 There is no greater good for a warrior than to fight in a just war
2.49 p.52 Seek salvation in the wisdom of reason
2.57 p.53 Serene wisdom is freedom from ties, and indifference to fortune
3.34 p.59 Hate and lust have their roots in man's lower nature
7.4 p.74 The visible forms of nature are earth, water, fire, air, ether; mind, reason, and the sense of 'I'
8.3 p.77 Brahman is supreme, Atman his spirit in man, and Karma is the force of creation