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Ideas of Pythagoras, by Text

[Greek, c.570 - 510 BCE, Born on Samos. Founded community at Solon in S.Italy. Reputation surrounded with legends. Died at Metapontum.]

530BCE reports
p.19 Pythagoreans think mathematical principles are the principles of all of nature [Aristotle]
p.24 Pythagoreans say things imitate numbers, but Plato says things participate in numbers [Aristotle]
p.62 When musical harmony and rhythm were discovered, similar features were seen in bodily movement [Plato]
p.131 Speak the truth, for this alone deifies man [Porphyry]
p.141 The modern idea of an immortal soul was largely created by Pythagoras [Watson]
p.343 Pythagoras discovered the numerical relation of sounds on a string [Diog. Laertius]
p.351 Pythagoras taught that virtue is harmony, and health, and universal good, and God [Diog. Laertius]
p.402 Pythagoreans define timeliness, justice and marriage in terms of numbers [Aristotle]
p.409 For Pythagoreans the entire universe is made of numbers [Aristotle]
28 p.182 For Pythagoreans, justice is simply treating all people the same [Aristotle]
Ch.8 p.245 For Pythagoreans 'one' is not a number, but the foundation of numbers [Watson]